Building a Portfolio Centered Around Intelligent Decisions

Demiing Group Holdings is an independent, privately held company. As a holding company, our objectives are to invest and manage financial and non-financial assets.

We make qualified investments with a long-term perspective. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow capital, based on strict compliance with ethical and legal standards, adding value to the company, our group of companies and its stakeholders.

Demiing's portfolio comprises a range of cash-generating activities and long-term investments to maintain growing and stable returns over time. At its core, Demiing preserves a discreet and conservative approach throughout its activity.

We bring deep experience across sectors and geographies to every investment we make.


To invest in solid business sectors and assets, pursuing sustainability, the capital preservation and long term revenues.


To be an independent group that makes responsible and sustainable investments in solid business sectors, building long term wealth to the group, its stakeholders and the community we operate.


Leadership and Collaboration

Integrity and Ethic

Passion and Diversity 

Quality and Sustainability


Message of The Group CEO

Antonio Osorio

Demiing is a private and independent group. We create value through selective and qualified investments that add value to the real economy and are designed to preserve the capital invested and generate returns in the long term.

We have in our genesis traditional values combined with innovative thinking, as a scope for investing and managing our investments, which must comply with the most elementary requirements of ethics, sustainability and ESG standard.

In a world in constant mutation, with complex challenges, we make considered decisions, with sobriety and in a long-term perspective, faithful to the principles, values and strategy defined in our foundation.

These are the pillars that guide our action and that we want to perpetuate for future generations. This will be our legacy.