Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Demiing Group, as a reference in investment and management areas, is aware of its corporate responsibility and assumes quality as a key factor in the culture of the group in which it operates.

Therefore, we understand that it is our duty to assume the commitment of continuous improvement in the quality of our processes and services, in order to fully satisfy the needs of our customers and achieve the group's global objectives, thus consolidating the brand's prestige.

Thus, Demiing's Quality Policy is based on the following vectors:


Providing a work environment that enhances equal opportunities given to all employees, based on a way of being and working under principles of mutual respect, and that promotes excellence in performance and recognition of the commitment that employees place on a daily basis and in the relentless pursuit of excellence in customer service and in the experience of the Demiing brand.


Our relationship with the customer is based on a commitment to the quality of the service we provide. We have a solid and sustainable investment policy in continuous improvement, as we are aware that the services and products we provide are essential in the trust placed by customers and other market stakeholders, namely regulatory bodies, tax authorities, investors, suppliers and the market in general.


Demonstrate ethical and commercial correctness, maintaining a healthy and trusting relationship.


Conquer and preserve a high prestige of the company in the market and guarantee balanced financial returns. Contribute to the prestige of Demiing Group.

Official Entities

Comply with professionalism and rigor all legal and tax provisions in force.


Support community initiatives. We intend to be an active and dynamic agent in the context of the communities in which we are integrated and we act, having a positive impact, by removing the barriers and promoting access to innovation, development and investment.