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Our Investments

Sustaniability & Diversification

Corporate Services

Worldclass services in management support, legal, finance, investment, tax advisory, accounting and payroll, technical specialized services in areas as market research and tourism

We are in Cape Verde and linked to a professional global network with more than 1300 consultants in over 60 countries.

Communication, Marketing & Advertising

Communication, marketing and advertising services, event management and organization, brand management, social media management.

We are present in Europe and Africa, working for private and public sectores, local and international companies. Some of our clients are well known banks, air transportation companies, food & beverage companies.

Energy, Water & Agribusiness

The AquaSun program is an investment program in solar and wind energy productions, see water desalination, agriculture (traditional and hydroponics) and industrial chicken productions. 

The program is based in the Republic of Cape Verde, divided in two projects (one in Sto. Antão Island and other in Santiago Island), having two solar plants of 7,5MWp and 15MWp integrated with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with capacity of 6,5MVA/15MWh and 6,6/33MWh, and two see water desalination plant with an accumulated production capacity of 17000 m3/day to produce water for agribusiness. 

AquaSun program represents an investment of 100 Million Euros and will produce around 10.000 tons of food a year.

Food Supply

Since 2015 that Demiing is in the business of food and beverage supply.

We join together the best suppliers with the best customers and offer them specialized integrated trading services, certified products, competitive prices and efficient logistics. 

We deliver a complete line of certified and halal products to groceries, wholesalers, retailers and horeca chanel, with the best quality in the market.

Property Management

We are property managers in Portugal and Cape Verde. We manage over 70 properties in both countries.

Linked to the property management, we also provide online booking management trough a powerfull channel manager that advertise the touristic units in over 25 online booking agencies (OTA's) worldwide.

Real Estate

We are in the real estate business, specially in the field of property management and real estate project development designed both for sale and/or lease.