We Make The Difference


Demiing Group Holdings is a long-term income-focused investor in financial and non-financial companies. We invest along with industry experts to create sustainable returns in different sectors of the real economy.

Through a diversified portfolio and by maintaining low-gearing levels in each corporation, Demiing aims to have low-exposure to individual industries and to the markets where it operates. The company‚Äôs conservative approach is also reflected in its zero debt issued to third-parties.

As an investor, Demiing has an active role in defining the strategy of every enterprise and the company is represented on the governing bodies of every one of them.


Responsible Entrepreneurship

We are responsible entrepreneurs, ever attentive to economic, social and technological changes so that we're never disconnected from the real economy.

We build a solid future through sustainable and inclusive approach with positive impact in the communities we work with.

Innovation and Sustainability

Investment and management is about maximising value, reducing costs and increasing returns from assets. But  real performance is built over the long term. 

We value sustainable investments that take into account not only financial considerations, but also social, environmental and governance factors, that creates impact in the economy and the real world.

Investments Rooted to The Real Economy

We look beyond indexed performance to create real, long-term value through strong, principled positions. 

We have professional management team to support our group of companies on day-to-day operations, in order to ensure that the objectives are met in line with the major strategic options.


Building High Active Shares and Concentraded Portfolio
That Are Centered Around Intelligent Decisions


Areas of Investment


  • Corporate Consulting
  • Finance
  • Accounting & Tax
  • Marketing & Advertising

Real Estate

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Investment Funds
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding


  • Energy production and storage
  • Water Desalination
  • Agribusiness (Traditional & Hydroponics)
  • Professional Drone Services


Regions of Investment


United Kingdom and EU

North America



Cape Verde


What Does Our Pathway Look Like

Since day one we are creating strong fundations to secure our tomorrow. Is not just about investing, its about building a solid future.

Our group of companies are in the business of corporate services, finance, real estate, energy, water, agribusiness, energy engineering project development, marketing & advertising, event production, and drone services.

We have a diversified portfolio of assets, as a way of reducing the risks and generate healthy financial returns, at same time we build a group of reference.


Companies of The Group