We Make The Difference


We believe that intellectual capital is critical to provide innovative solutions and, ultimately, to have a positive economic impact. As careful stewards of capital, we strive to make investments and provide solutions that create lasting value to the Firm, the investments we make and society at large.

We have been focused on investments in corporate management services, real estate, asset management, renewable energy, IT, advertising & communication, agribusiness and food supply.

Capital Preservation

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Our investments are designed focused on capital preservation, to provide financial security and contribute to overall economic growth.

We invest in European and African markets. 

We have made investments in several sectors of activity, mainly corporate management services, real estate, asset management, advertising & communication, clean energy and agribusiness.

Our solid bases, ensures our capacity to deliver on our commitments.


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With our global network we can access to world-class financial products and services to support our group of companies at every stage of their business.

We bring our local expertise with global insights into today's fastest growing markets.

Our objective is to guarantee professional, efficient as also reliable financial guindance and stability to our group of companies in order to acchieve our goals.