We Make The Difference



What Does Our Pathway Look Like

Since day one we are creating strong fundations to secure our tomorrow. Is not just about investing, its about building a solid future.

Our group of companies are in the business of asset management, corporate services, real estate, energy, water, agribusiness, advertising, online retail, trading and grocery suply.

We have a diversified portfolio in equity shares, stock shares and real estate, as a way of reducing the risks and generate healthy financial returns, at same time we build a group of reference.

Investing in Value Added Companies With Long Term Potential Growth


Aquasun Investment Program

+90 Million Euros investment in energy, water and agribusiness - Cape Verde

Dastans Online Coffee Shop

Demiing launched its first online business, Dastans Online Coffee Shop.

Limao Advertising Awarded

Limao Advertising awarded best advertising agency - West Africa