We Make The Difference


Responsible Entrepeneurship

We are responsible entrepreneurs, ever attentive to economic, social and technological changes so that we're never disconnected from the real economy.

We build a solid future trought sustainable and inclusive approach with positive impact in the communities we work with.

Innovation and Sustainability

Asset management is about maximising value, reducing costs and increasing returns from assets. But  real performance is built over the long term. 

We value sustainable investments that take into account not only financial considerations, but also social, environmental and governance factors, that creates impact in the economy and the real world.

Investments Rooted to The Real Economy

We look beyond indexed performance to create real, long-term value through strong, principled positions. 

We have professional management team to support our group of companies on day-to-day operations, in order to ensure that the objectives are met in line with the major strategic options.


Building High Active Shares and Concentraded Porfolios
That Are Centered Around Inteligent Decisions


Areas of Investment


Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Event Production

Real Estate

Investment & Asset Management, Real Estate Investment Funds

Energy, Water & Agribusiness

Clean energy production, water desalination and agribusiness